Received (with thanks of course!) after the first in the series: Ethnic Cuisine Meets Spanish Wines – A Marriage Made In Moraira!

On May 3rd we assembled a group of 13 friends to enjoy together the first of Colin Harkness’ ethnic food and wine pairing evenings. What a super idea – and what a super evening. This first event was at Marhaba, a Moroccan cuisine restaurant on the Moraira/Calpe coast road. I have often wondered what wines to serve with good Chinese, Indian or other ethnic dishes. Well this event certainly pointed us in the right direction!


Under Colin’s guidance we tasted 5 different North African dishes, each paired with a different Spanish wine – wines from Rueda, Ribera del Duero, Rioja and more. The Denominations may not be new to us, but each of the wines certainly was. And each did exactly what Colin promised and complemented the dish with which it was partnered perfectly.


I regret that Kathy and I have to miss the Indonesian event in two weeks time – BUT most of our friends from May 3rd are booked. And we are already booked for the Indian pairing planned for May 29th. At no more than €18 what better way to spend an evening with a nice crowd of like minded souls.


Andrew Johnson


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