This website, colinharknessonwine.com, first became live in 2008 and I can tell you there’s been a great deal of wine flowing under the bridge since then! 

During that time I’ve been on a wonderful journey, enjoying many different roles in the wine sector, mostly in Spain where I have lived since 1997:

Media:(newspapers, magazines, radio and even a short regional TV series); International (International Wine and Spirits Competition; International Wine Contest Romania) and National (Spain) Wine Judge;

Tourism: my small travel agency, Tin Lizzie Tours, specialised in day trips and short breaks to wineries throughout Spain, starting, in fact, before wine tourism was a thing here and even before the word ‘enoturismo’ (wine tourism) had been coined.

Importer: with a small company registered in the UK I imported wines from Spain wgere I was living, selling to the wholsale and restaurant sectors. 

Exporter: living in Spain I was in the perfect position to locate and buy quality Spanish wine to export outside the country.

Consultant: I have often advised restaurants and hotels on their wine list.

Educator: I have presented hundreds of wine tasting events designed for enjoyment, of course, but also to develop wine knowledge and tasting technique.

Cruise Speaker: I have presented several wine tastings and lectures on international cruises.

Now at the start of 2022 and in semi-retirement my focus is changing. I continue to be an ambassador for Spanish wine, of course, but I am also travelling as much as possible, with my lovely wife, Claire-Marie Soprano. Last year we spent much of our time in Italy with several weeks in France too – living the life of the traveling camper. This lifestyle has given us both the opportunity to taste many wines from those countries as well as some from fellow travellers from other parts of Europe.


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