I shall be happy to offer the following services: 

colin1. Restaurant Wine Lists:

(i) Full Service – recommendations for glasses, chillers, champagne buckets, corkscrews, and decanters; suppliers; wines including sparkling wines, dessert wines, port and sherry; writing wine list with descriptions; wines by the glass; wine food matches; storage advice; serving advice; staff training; wine specials advice; wine of the week/month.

(ii) Part Service – any of the above.

2. Wine Tastings for Wine Shops:

(i) Publicity in Press and on Radio.tastingsshops

(ii) Themed tastings – e.g. Comparative Tasting of: Grape Varieties; Denominaciónes de Origen; Veritcal Tastings; Horizontal Tastings; Roble, Crianzas, Reservas, Gran Reservas; VdlT and DO wines; French or American, other other Oak?; Sherry style wines; Dessert Wines; Sparkling Wines; etc.

(iii) Area and/or bodega promotional tastings – unknown/undiscovered wnes in the public domain.

(iv) Can include some information on the area of production – it’s geographical position, soils, specialities, grape varieties, micro-climates etc.

3. Supermarket Tastings:

supermarket(i) Promoting lines to encourage sales.

(ii) Promoting: glass, decanter, chiller, corkscrews etc sales.

(iii) Bodega Sponsored – wines and promotional material supplied by the producers.

4. Private Group Tastings:

tastingPrivate(i) Your group can have a tutored tasting in the comfort of your meeting place/home on any of the themes suggested above.

(ii)Tastings are tailored to fit your requirements, they can be for beginners and for those whose knowledge is very good, and all stages between!

(iii) All budgets can be catered for.

(iv) Tastings can be with food to consider wine/food combinations.

(v) Sales of the wines tasted can also be arranged, with discounts of course.

(vi) Tastings are informative of course but very user-friendly and super fun!

5. Wine Appreciation Courses for groups and for individuals:

(i) General wine appreciation for beginners.

wineappreciation(ii) More advanced for those with knowledge already.

(iii) Understanding Spanish wines and wine labels.

(iv) Combining wines and food.

(v) All budgets can be catered for.

6. Bodega Visits:

BodegaVisits(i) Over several years I have built up an excellent, friendly relationship with the bodegas with whom I work. My groups are always very well received and looked after, plus tour, lunch, tasting and wine prices are lower than for others.

(ii) All visits are personally conducted and guided by me with bodega staff, often the owner and/or winemaker.

(iii) Day trip, visiting one bodega and including lunch, often at the bodega.

(iv) Day Trip, visiting a bodega in the morning, lunch, and a second bodega before our return.

7. Wine Tours:

WineTours(i) Over several years I have built up an excellent, friendly relationship with the bodegas with whom I work. My groups are always very well received and looked after, plus tour, lunch, tasting and wine prices are lower than for others

(ii) All Tours are personally conducted and guided by me with bodega staff, often the owner and/or winemaker.

(iii) Two day tour visiting either 2 or 3 bodegas, including lunches and one night in hotel, dinner optional

(iv) Longer tours visiting more bodegas which can be in different areas of production (DOs, VdlTs) and include accommodation in either one hotel or two different ones if travelling to different areas. Lunches usually included, dinners optional.

8. Wine Tastings with Classical and Popular Music

TastingswithMusic(i) Special, top wines are used for these tastings.

(ii) Such evenings are usually held in elegant restaurants with gourmet dining for individuals who book tables of however many people they like. However similar evenings can be arranged for private groups either in restaurants preferred by the group, or recommended by me, or indeed in their usual meeting areas.

(iii) Stunningly beautiful music is performed live by the delectable duo DolceDivascomprising of, Claire Post, Soprano and Flute, and Kirsty Orr, Piano. Often guest performers are invited too.

9. Wine Choices for Special Occasions

(i) A consultative service where wines for special occasions such as Anniversaries, Birthdays, Weddings, Christenings, Exam Successes, Elegant Private and Group Dinner Parties etc are recommended.
(ii) These wines can often also be supplied at a discount from the normal bodega price.

10. Professional Services for Bodegas

YECLA FEB 2009 015I am experienced in the following having been contracted by various bodegas. I work closely with the bodegas gaining a complete understanding of their winemaking philosophy, their wines etc:
(i) asssitance with translation for catalogues about the bodega, wines, area of production, micro-climate, wine tourism etc
(ii) guiding and/or assisting guided bodega tours for English speaking visitors, press etc

11. Professional Services for Areas of Production (DOs, VdlTs etc)

The Viva TV Television Series, Viva Vino, screened in 2010 in South East Spain is an example of how I, in partnership with the Film-Crew, Freerange TV, can produce beautiful, user-friendly and informative DVDs to promote not only individual bodegas but also DOs, VdlT’s etc. As in point (iii) above these DVDs are an excellent promotional tool for areas of production to advertise how good their wines, vineyards, bodegas, wine tourism etc are and can be sent to potential clients as well as screened at wine fairs etc. In an ever more competitive wine world we believe this to be ideal publicity to make sure that areas on production are firmly on the wine map of Spain, and that they stay there!

12. Corporate Events

(i) Wine recommendations and supply for all business events – e.g. opening a new company; launching a new product; inauguration of a new business partnership; press/publicity events etc
(ii) Wine tasting and fun, user-friendly talk as a team-building excersise
(iii) As above for your clients
(iv) Any of the above but also including beautiful classical and popular music performed by Dolce Divas.

“Chanson D’Amour ” performed by Dolce Divas. Dolce Divas (Click to visit their website)specialise in Classical Music and Opera Favourites, giving recitals in concert halls and also providing Wedding Music, Romantic Chill-Out and Cocktail-Bar music for hotels and restaurants.