Received Re the Ethnic Cuisine/Spanish Wine Pairing Evenings, May 2012

Diners enjoying Indonesian Cuisine with Spanish Wine


Dear Colin

I write to let you know how much Lynn and I are enjoying the series of the events which you have organised at which you have been suggesting Spanish wines to complement ethnic dishes.
I initially heard of this project when you spoke about it during one of your regular “slots” on Bay Radio and had e-mailed you that same day to reserve places at all three of the evenings being planned.
Your first event introduced Lynn and me to the Marhaba Restaurant on the Moraira to Calpe road (although Lynn and I have taken holidays in the Moraira area for a number of years, we only moved here from the UK a few months ago and had not previously been to this restaurant) where you were faced with the challenge of recommending wines to go with Moroccan cuisine, whilst two weeks later, at the Bajul Restaurant in Moraira itself (which we had previously visited on a number of occasions) you had the, perhaps even more daunting, prospect of recommending wines which could be enjoyed with the spiciness of Indonesian food.
On each occasion the sampler menu prepared by the chef was excellent, the restaurant staff were welcoming and attentive and, of greatest relevance so far as you are concerned, the wines were more than up to their allotted task and the subject of much favourable comment from those other guests whom Lynn and I had the pleasure of meeting on each of the two nights.
For me, one of the highlights of each evening was your own input as you explained (with  commendable brevity – which is always appreciated!!), whilst each wine was introduced, what were its characteristics and why you felt it went with the particular dish for which it had been chosen. What really came across were, not just your extensive knowledge of, but your passion and enthusiasm for wine which you have the happy knack of being able to impart to the assembled company – no small feat as each evening wore on, the amount of wine consumed increased and the noise levels grew accordingly!
Given our experience thus far, Lynn and I are really looking forward to the final event at the Restaurante Himalaya in their new premises in Moraira at the end of the month. I only hope that the undoubted success of the project will persuade you to repeat the exercise in the not too distant future!
Kind regards

Iain McRae