Ethnic Cuisine and Spanish Wine – A Marriage Made In Moraira!

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I’ve just added the final piece in the jigsaw of a brand new and original project I’ve been thinking about for a while now, and I wanted you to be the first to know!

Some of you may remember that I used to have two restaurants in the UK where I had a particular interest in matching our cuisine with our wines. I’ve been able to carry on with that interest here in Spain as one of the things I have done since I’ve been here is designing wine lists for restaurants – I’m currently working on two in fact.
Plus for the last two years I’ve been consultant wine expert to Bay Radio where my brief is to recommend wines to accompany the recipe of the week, and once a month I present a live on-air tasting doing the same with Sunday Brunch Presenters, Noelle and Bob.
I’ve been asked to present a wine tasting in the Torrevieja area at an Indian restaurant where I’ll be recommending wines to match their cuisine. This made me think about Moraira, where I live and where there are a large number of excellent ethnic restaurants. Wouldn’t a wine tasting to accompany the different ethnic specialities be a superb evening?
Well it’s on – a series of 3 for sure, maybe 4, fortnightly evenings in the following selected restaurants, starting in May: Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant; Bajul Indonesian Restaurant; and Himalaya Nepalese/Indian Restaurant! I’m really excited about it as it will be a fine opportunity for the restaurants to showcase some of their top dishes and for me to match them with some of their best wines from their wine lists! Plus of course it will be a chance for you to return to your favourite restaurants and try some of their different dishes and wines, or a chance for those of you who haven’t been to the restaurants involved to sample what they have to offer. I’m certain many of you will return!
There will be 4 or 5 different dishes, each served with a different wine as recommended by myself having consulted the chefs re ingredients etc. It’s going to be excellent! The cost of each evening will be between 15€ – 18€ (individual restaurants to confirm their price soon).
The first of these rather special nights will be on Thursday 3rd May at Restaurante Happy Garden (Chinese). The next is likely to be at Restaurante Bajul (Indonesian) two weeks later – date to be confirmed. The third will be at Restaurante Himalaya (Nepalese/Indian) – again two weeks later, but the exact date is to be confirmed. Prices, definitely within the band above, will also be confirmed soon. It is possible that a further ethnic restaurant will be added to the series probably for the second week of June, but this has to be confirmed.
Please note, although I’d highly recommend going to all three/four (that’s why they are spaced out so it’s not too heavy on the pocket in one go!) as these will be really tasty nights, it is not obligatory to reserve for all, of course!
The restaurants and myself are sure that these will be very popular nights so I’d highly recommend that you keep track of details by listening to Bay Radio on the Sundays when I’m on air, by reading Cork Talk in the Costa Blanca News and/or by visiting my website click Events.
Alternatively you could reserve with me right now, subject of course to dates and price! Either call me on 629 388 159 or e-mail me at
I can’t wait – see you there?

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