Presenters, Noelle & Bob, enjoy the recommended wines!


The natural slight sweetness of the onions and the richness of the dish as a whole will mean that red wine, no matrer how young and fruity will clash – to the detriment of the soup rather than ti complement it.

So we are looking for a dry white wine, with a touch of fruit-inspired sweetness, though not a sweet or even an off-dry white. The answer is the beautifully packaged Finca Casa Alarcón Viognier.

The grape variety Viognier, whose spiritual home is in the Rhône valley, is adapting very well to Spanish soils and sunshine. Casa Alarcón’s version does not have the overt apricot notes that its French cousins possess, but it’s the better for that.

Understated white peach plus some herby notes make this a great match!


Again, a fairly sweet style of soup, but with the addition of some chilli. It’s a rich and full-flavoured soup and I think we need something to refresh the palate between mouthfulls – cava is the answer!

The sparkling spritz of El Miracle Cava from Bodegas Vicente Gandía Plá is made with Macabeo and Chardonnay. The green apple of Macabeo is tempered by the cava making process finishing with some bready notes, but retaining it’s freshness. The Chardonnay will provide the body necessary to accompany such a soup.


Bay Radio Sunday Brunch

Although it may seem a little incongruous to picture a leather-clad, rufty-tufty biker sitting astride his huge hog, clutching in his steel-studded glove a bottle of fine claret, I nevertheless wouldn’t flinch at recommending a Cabernet Sauvignon for this tasty pasty, even if I was on a Vespa whose multiple mirrors revealed that I was surrounded by a gang of such knights of the road!

Bay Radio's Sunday Brunch Presenters, Noelle and Bob - glasses in hand!

Cabernet Sauvignon often stimulates tasting notes of black pepper and of course beef, partnered by this super, dark, brooding, blackcurrant nosed wine, is a marriage made in heaven (or indeed around the campfire with the ceremony performed by a levi-clad ‘angel’!).
As the proud ex-owner of a BSA 250cc C15, I’d certainly enjoy this combination!

Bay Radio On-Air Wine Tasting

This sounds a super, balanced menu – but it’s a challenge for wines! Mushrooms often go well with red wines, full-bodied ones at that. However there is an integral creaminess to this starter so we need to tone down the full-on red and yet retain some of the character. Rosado is my choice, particularly Bestué 2009 from DO Somontano. This wine, made from Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon is dark in colour, fruity but with a nice lick of acidity to cut through the cream – should be ideal.
Bay Radio's Dynamic Duo, Noelle & Bob, enjoy wines recommended to complement Noelle's Sunday Brunch Recipes!


Chicken is very wine-friendly and there are many styles and colours of wine that will suit this popular poultry. Here we have a slight Oriental or South East Asian influence with the addition of sweet chilli sauce and there is a super grape variety to match all the flavours going on in this dish – Gewurztraminer!
It’s a mouthful to say but worth it as it makes a wonderful, exotically flavoured, aromatic white wine which really should be on all Chinese/Thai/Indonesian/Vietnamese restaurants’ wine lists! The one I’m thinking of is Bodegas Viñas de Vero’s Gewurztraminer 2009, again from DO Somontano. Considered a German grape variety it’s name means spicy grape – ideal with this sort of cuisine.
Both wines are widely available – why not buy them both and enjoy Noelle’s recipes even more?