Bay Radio Presenters, Noelle and Bob, taste the wine recommendation!

Pork In Cider:

We wouldn’t go far wrong with a super, dry cider from Asturias to match this dish – I love them! However it’s a wine we need, and I think a white one with some body to match the light meat of the pork and a touch of apple flavour in there as well to go along with the cider and apple in the dish.

The white wine grape variety Macabeo often gives crisp green apple aromas and flavours, but a stainless steel fermented one with no oak ageing may be a little too fresh for this dish. So look for a Macabeo that has been either fermented in barrel, or has had a few months ageing in oak – or both!
Over six months in oak would be too much I think as there’s the risk that the variety’s natural acidity would be too neutralised to cope with the rich creamy sauce. Two to four months in oak barricas would be just right.