Presenters Noelle and Bob hoping to have those glasses filled with top wines for Christmas!

Sunday 18th December, 12:00 Noon, is the date set aside for the Bay Radio Sunday Brunch Christmas Special On-Air Wine Tasting, with wines recommended for your Christmas Dinner. If you are looking for ideas re wines for Christmas then please listen and you’ll have some fun as well as have some recommendations to impress your family and friends! You can even call in with questions and comments!

Next Bay Radio Live On-Air Wine Tasting!

November’s on-air wine tasting during Bay Radio’s Sunday Brunch Programme will take place on Sunday 20th November starting as usual at 12:00 noon. Presenters, Noelle and Bob are always ready for a good glass of what is becoming their favourite tipple and it’s my job to recommend wines to accompany Noelle’s Recipe of the Week.

It’s informal, listener-friendly, informative and entertaining too! Why not listen on the radio or by internet – Click Listen Live? You can even call the studio to ask any wine questions you may have and therefore be a part of the show!

Next On-Air Wine Tasting – Bay Radio Sunday Brunch Programme!

Hard at Work!

 The next On-Air Wine Tasting on Bay Radio will be on Sunday 11th September from 12:00 – 13:00 hrs Spanish time. I’ll be suggesting two wines to accompany the Recipe of the Week, supplied by co-presenter Noelle (with hubby, Bob). It’s a fun slot where you can learn a little about Spanish wine and maybe choose one (or both!) of the wines next time you are shopping!


Bay Radio's Presenter, Noelle, enjoys a wine with her recipe of the week!

“This eclectic chicken dish has both savoury and sweet fruit elements which opens the door to both a white and a red wine. ‘Balsámico’ is a Spanish word used to describe aromas emanating from a wine that has been aged in oak in a hot area (Balsamic vinegar has of course undergone a similar ageing). However there’s nothing vinegar-like in the two wines I’ve chosen this week!
The red has to have a good fruit presence so I’ve gone for a very young wine from DO Toro, Primero 2009, which has been made by the Carbonic Maceration method which accentuates the youth and vitality as well as the fruit content.
My white wine choice is a super wine I’ve just discovered – Recato, a Sauvignon Blanc fermented in barrel with understated oak (too much oak would be a negative for this dish) and good grassy green fruit aromas.