Bay Radio’s Sunday Brunch Wine Recommendation!

Arroz al Horno
A wonderful traditional dish served all over Spain and one of the reasons that I emigrated here in the first place! The combinations of the various different ingredients mean that this rice dish can go happily with various different wines. 
Red wine drinkers will be pleased with wine from Navarra, often made with Garnacha and or Tempranillo – a blend of these two would be super, Crianza or Reserva style as well.
White wine drinkers will find it a little more difficult to obtain

Presenters, Noelle and Bob, outside HQ with glasses in hand!

the perfect match – but an old style oaked white Rioja will be good (though such wines are something of a rarity these days as tastes have changed).

So let’s go for a compromise and one that you’ll see many times in restaurants where the Spanish are enjoying their rice dishes – a lovely dry rosado!
Spain is the spiritual home of rosado wines where you can find many different shades and flavours. Coincidentally I was co-presenting a wine tasting on Friday night where we enjoyed a super Navarra rosado, Castillo de Javier, made exclusively from Garnacha, which for me will be the perfect match for Arroz al Horno!