Comment Gratefully Received following the Wine Tasting @ Finca Rustica

Finca Rustica - for the perfect de-stress break!
Hola Colin
May we say how thrilled we were of the well organised wine and tapas
event you presented in our home. It was such an interesting
presentation and thank you very much for the flattering introduction to
everyone present about our Mountain home. The prestigious wines you
presented were appreciated by all and judging by the comments everyone
seemed to enjoy the tapas we had prepared. We were a little nervous
about meeting everyone for the first time but the feedback afterwards
has been ‘Please let us know when we can book the next one!’ Praise in
deed as we enjoyed hosting it with such a fun crowd and with your
expertise at these kind of gatherings even we felt totally relaxed and
enjoyed the day. Thank you also to Clare who very skillfully averted a
rather determined wasp from helping himself to the tapas. Possibly
sitting under our vines with juicy grapes hanging down was just too
much for him to resist!. After you left we delayed the dinner untill
9-9.30 so all the house guests had time to unwind with a book in the
finca or take a nap and refresh before the evening meal. As they sat
outside they said the views of the mountain and the almost full moon
created a great atmosphere. Our only regret is the absense of our
background Spanish music specially prepared and unused purely because
the conversation along with our Finca Rustica wine was flowing too well
to be interrupted. Credit to you Colin as the couples who stayed the
evening gelled so well with each other they have made new and lasting
friendships. Any way some were given  leaflets about our week/week-end
breaks here and most had a look around the casita and the main finca
and wine making room. Please thank them all for coming it was a
pleasure meeting such an interesting group of people.If anyone didn’t
take our contact details perhaps you wont mind us including them in
this email for you to pass on. They can find us on
( property reference s14708) or our own website or email or if all else
fails mobile 00447977219151.
Hasta le something….Sue and Roger
Finca Rustica - taken from the vineyard!

Comment received after Nepalese Cuisine/Spanish Wine Pairing at Restaurante Himalaya, Moraira, Costa Blanca, Spain

Hola Colin

May we just say how much we enjoyed the evening arranged by you and hosted at the Hymalaya restaurant. The decor and service in the new Restaurant could not be faulted and although we have been going to the original El Portet Hymalaya for a number of years the foods we enjoyed on the evening were totally new to us and rather delicious. Your comments between courses made it all the more fun and sometimes surprising to ‘pair’ certain wines to compliment Asian spices. We do find that salads and spices are not always in tune with the flavour of some wines and this is where your experience of wine tasting came in to the fore. Finally to say thank you once again for bringing us quickly into the new Restaurant so that we may confidently add it to our list of eateries to recommend when  paying guests holiday with us in Pinos at the finca. Moraira is a worthwhile drive down the mountain for our clients enjoying both the views on the way down and the bonus of fine food and wine at the end of their journey.