Received, gratefully, after wine tasting at CAVA, Moraira, Jan 2013

Hi Beverly; Hi Hugh (or should that be High Hugh?),

(This generous comment has been sent by its authors, Mick and Ros, to the group’s organisers, Hugh and Beverly – as you might have guessed, Hugh is particularly tall!)

Many, many thanks for organising such a splendid evening at Cava. It certainly helped that we knew most of the lovely people there and, of course we assumed that the tapas would be superb. Colin is always a very safe pair of hands guaranteed to entertain and educate and he didn’t disappoint – despite his recent accident (aaaarh!). He really does wear his knowledge and experience lightly, doesn’t he? Anyway, great evening, lots of fun, excellent tapas and gorgeous wine – our sort of evening, really!

CAVA, Moraira's Gourmet Tapas/Wine Bar!

Lots of love, Mick (and Ros, of course) xx