Cava Dinner Comments

Just a brief note to thank you for organising last night’s event so well. We thoroughly enjoyed it and now look forward to the tasting in Denia on Dec 10th
*One question, we enjoyed the 3rd and 4th canvas especially last night. Could you tell us what they were, please?
Graham Powell
In answer to Graham’s question: The cava’s to which he refers were, respectively a Reserva and a Gran Reserva. However, as with all cavas tasted this night they are not for sale! The cavas used and enjoyed so much for this tasting are all made for the Consejo Regulador DO Cava. Thus, the various different styles of cava are showcased at tastings all over the world with a view to promoting Cava as a brand, as opposed to individual cava producers, who of course organise their own promotions, tastings etc.
I did once ask  my friends and colleagues on the Consejo Regulador DO Cava which bodega it actually is that makes and cellars the cava for them – however, I drew a blank! It is a closely guarded secret –  and long may it stay so, as, for me, it adds further to the cava mystique!