Bay Radio Sunday Brunch Wine Recommendation

There are white wine grape varieties that sometimes bring to mind Mango (Chardonnay, particularly from the New World) and Melon (Marsanne, from Mediterranean France but more so from Australia). However, this is a meat dish and a spiced one too, given the hot pepper sauce and black pepper, so we have to talk red, but rich and fruity red.

Sunday Brunch presenters, Noelle and Bob, enjoying a glass of recommended wine in the nerve centre of Bay Radio!

One of the consistent characteristics of red wines from the Cariñena DO is their up-front fruit content. Garnacha is often the grape variety used so you might like to find wines from this area. Or you could consider the Monastrell based wines from DO Jumilla, particularly from Bodegas Juan Gill which are renowned for their juicy fruit both on the nose and on the palate.

A Crianza or even Reserva from these areas should do the trick for this dish. They’ll have the necessary fruit but also the roundness and fullness that a meat dish like this will require.
Or why not try a Spanish Syrah or blend with Syrah involved? This variety has adapted so well in Spain, providing full ripe and rich fruit from the Mediterranean climate and yet retaining, when grown at higher altitudes, a touch of spice to match the pepper in Noelle’s recipe.