Bay Radio’s Sunday Brinch Programme

Quick Lamb & Spinach Curry
This recipe is a real challenge – thanks Noelle! There are so many flavours happening in this dish, which individually would require different style wines, that it is difficult to come up with a ‘catch-all’ wine.
For example: generally we’d like red wine with lamb; but coconut milk based dishes are good with Sauvignon; Spinach is happy with fairly bland white wines; Chilli can relish (excuse the pun) the company of a fruit-driven, slightly spicy red, Spanish Syrah/Shiraz for example; and Curry is good with aromatic whites such as Viognier.
So I’m going to hedge my bets and give two white and one red wine recommendations! Red wine drinkers will be quite happy with young, un-oaked fruity Tempranillo. However I think white wine will go best and I’ll opt for either a Verdejo from DO Rueda or probably my favourite, Gewurztraminer from DO Somontano.