Rioja! Finca de los Arandinos

Restaurant, Finca de los Aranadinos - Boutique Hotel in the heart of La Rioja!
Restaurant, Finca de los Aranadinos – Boutique Hotel in the heart of La Rioja!





I first heard of Bodegas Finca de los Arandinos when I read an article by Sarah Jane Evans MW (Master of Wine), in the UK’s best wine magazine, Decanter. The essence of the article was that Sara Jane, Joint Chair of the Spanish Wine Panel of the magazine, was recommending 25 different Rioja wines that are currently on the shelves in UK wine shops.

I was delighted to see that I concurred with her views on several of the wines, as well as to see that there were wines listed that I did not know. I’ll be contacting a number of the bodegas concerned to find out more, and there was one that particularly caught my eye! A wine that hails from a bodega which also has a boutique hotel. Don’t you love wine research!

Finca de los Arandinos is an interesting new project. A new bodega, with modern buildings and state-of-the-art technology, but with more than a passing nod to tradition. It is perhaps correct to say that this bodega is at the forefront of ‘new age Rioja’. And this also means wine tourism.

The modernist boutique hotel is a delight to behold from the outside and from within. Indeed, the design inside, particularly in the bedrooms, is the work of the renowned designer David Delfin.

The wine that my colleague, Sara Jane Evans MW, included in her list of 25 was Malacapa 2013. It’s a ‘Joven’ wine, a young wine, with minimal (for Rioja) oak ageing and therefore wholly consistent with the bodega’s stated aims of bringing out the very best of each of the varieties used at Finca de los Arandinos.

FINCA ARANDINOS  malacapa_300x500

 95% of the blend is Rioja’s darling variety, now Spain’s most planted grape, Tempranillo, with just 5% Mazuelo thrown in too. Is this the most fruit orientated Rioja on the market? Well, if it’s not, it suerly is close!

On the nose there are both dark and red cherries which follow through onto the palate where, on the finish they are joined by a light liquorice flavour. But the most noticeable note with this wine is its juicy, chewy freshness – for lovers of pure fruit in wine, this has to be a top choice. (4€! incredible value from the on-line shop!!).

I mentioned that the winery is also aware of the great tradition that is Rioja and their Crianza pays homage to that history. Finca de los Arandinos 2011 Crianza, is everything that you would expect  – from a quality Crianza.

FINCA ARANDINOS crianza_300x500

 Many readers will know that a Crianza Rioja wine must have had a minimum of 12 months in oak (that’s twice the legal minimum for Spain) though many bodegas, in the past, at least, have considerably exceeded this minimum. Indeed, this wine has had more than the minimum time in oak, but only an extra month! So, another indication that this bodega, whilst following tradition, is intent on making sure that it’s the grapes’ juice, its fruit content that is to the fore.

Again the lion’s share is Tempranillo, but there is also 5% each of Mazuelo and Garnacha. Grapes are carefully selected in the vineyard and a blend is made from different plots. Once fermented ageing is 80% in French oak with 20% in American oak. The resultant wine is fruit first with extra depth of flavour and complexity added by the judicial use of oak. If you like a good Rioja Crianza, this is most definitely for you. (8€)

The final red wine, so far – there may be plans in the future to add to the portfolio – is called El Conjuro. It’s a limited production wine that has been given some red carpet treatment. The 2010 is made with Tempranillo again but this time Garnacha has a more prominent 15% of the blend. Fermentation takes place in French oak ‘foudres’ and it’s French oak in which malolactic fermentation takes please with a further 16 months ageing.

FINCA ARANDINOS conjuro_300x500

 But the wine is not ready for release yet. It stays in bottle in the depths of the cellar for a further year until the winemaker believes it is perfect for sale. However, that does not mean that it has be drunk immediately. El Conjuro has time on it’s – the 2010, tasted in early 2015, has a slight tannic grip still, indicating that there is still time for it do develop further.

It’s all about dark fruits, black cherries and blackberries, with earthy notes too, on the nose. In the mouth it is intense at first, opening up to be a subtle and elegant wine with a longer finish, leaving the taster more than satisfied with its lasting flavour and aroma. (14€)

I was pleased to see also, that Bodegas finca de los Arandinos makes a white wine as well. Eschewing the offer of the ‘new’ varieties now permitted in DOCa Rioja, this wine is made exclusively with old vineyard Viura, which has had the benefit of some time in oak. Indeed foudres are employed for its fermentation, after which is was put in French oak barrels for a further ten months, with regular ‘battonage’, stirring, with its lees.


 The result is a dry white wine with some floral notes on the nose, a touch of citrus and an endearing, if slightly understated, creaminess. (6€)

NB These wines can be bought on-line, please note prices above.

So that’s some of the Finca de los Arandinos information – but, why take my word for it? You can join me, October, 26th – 30th, 2015, when I am taking a small group (24 max) to stay at their boutique hotel! For more details please contact me and visit my website.

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