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In the true spirit of  ‘All’s Fair in Love, War and Journalism’ (Leveson Inquiry notwithstanding!) I’ve decided to steal a march on my friends and colleagues in the Spanish Wine Journalist’s Fraternity. In fact, if my timing is right, this should be a simultaneous scoop in the Spanish and English language press as I believe that this is the first time that the new Spanish wine tasting note, Limelo, has actually been published (pronounced leem-elo [as in ‘hello’ without the ‘h’])!

Up until now the rather cleverly constructed word ‘Limelo’ has only been used orally, in an attempt to test the water, by commentators who want to gauge public reaction to the addition of a new word to the wine journalist’s lexicon of accepted wine terms. Wine Writers’ opinions and tasting notes have a large impact on sales – the 2006 (I think) boom in Rosé wine sales in the UK came about largely because of the upbeat comments of Gilly Goulden, for example.

We’ve all read wine writers’ notes that talk of citric aromas and flavours in fresh white wines that have a bracing acidity. These usually refer to the citrus fruits: lemon, lime and grapefruit. The new word is a combination of parts of the Spanish words: Límon (lemon); Lima (lime); and Pomelo (grapefruit). Because the ‘Lim’ of  ‘Limelo’ is contained in the English word ‘lime’ as well as the Spanish words ‘lima’ and ‘límon’ they see the new word as a perfect calling card for entry into the English language wine press.

The fact is that there are far more articles written about wine in English than in any other language, so it is viewed as being particularly apt. However they see their real triumph in the apparently innocuous fact that the ‘melo’ part of the word, as it obviously comes from Spanish, will automatically make people think of Spanish wines, hoping that this will, in turn, insidiously suggest that the next wine they buy is Spanish! We are talking subliminal advertising here!

But, no, correction – in fact this has been declared perfectly acceptable by the Spanish Commission for Advertising Standards (La Comisión Española de los Grados de Anuncios – CEGA), despite its wholly calculated subliminal effect, as it isn’t actually an advert! No case to answer!

And even I have to admit that the word ‘Limelo’ really does suggest a lovely refreshing, citric-fresh acidity that so many Spanish white wines can bring to the lunch and dinner table. If I saw this word in the description of a white wine on a restaurant wine list and I was ordering fish, I’d probably go for it, if only to see if the reality is as good as the word.

So it started me thinking about a few of the white wines that I have tasted recently to which this new  term can be successfully applied. Therefore I believe that the following is the first time the new word as actually been used in print. Don’t forget, your read it here first, folks!

Unfortunately, because of the cost, Bellondrade y Lurton’s Fermentado en Barrica Verdejo, is not a wine that I often drink, would that it were! But this is a truly limelo wine, whose long lasting, quite stunning grapefruit aroma and taste make it a top wine from DO Rueda.

From the same DO, Palacios de Bornos Verdejo Vendimia Seleccionada FB also has marked limelo notes, with grapefruit again but supported by some lemon aromas too.

The best Spanish Riesling I have tasted is from Bodegas Viñas del Vero – showcased for the first time at the Peñin Guide’s Los Mejores Vinos de España tasting in Madrid at the end of last year. This wine is limelo, though this time with more lime notes coming through. Gorgeous wine!

PS I’m presenting a super series of wine tastings in Ethnic Restaurants in Moraira, throughout May. The ‘Ethnic Cuisine Courts Spanish Wine – A Marriage Made In Moraira’ tastings begin at the Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant, Thursday 3rd May; we then move to Bajul Indonesian Restaurant, Wednesday 16th May; and finally we go to the Himalaya Nepalese/Indian Restaurant, Tuesday 29th May.

It’s an ideal opportunity to taste some wonderfully different ethnic dishes linked with complementary Spanish wines – and all for just 15€ – 18€! Please call me (629 388 159) or e-mail me for more information and to reserve. Be quick though, places are limited!

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