Bodega Visits with Colin Harkness

Bodega Tours with Colin Harkness

Every time you publicise a trip to a bodega, I check my diary to see if I can possibly come along – they are all such fun. Quite apart from travelling with a jolly crowd of fellow wine-lovers, we always get to see such wonderful countryside. It makes a lovely change not to be driving and of course, it means that I won’t have a problem with the boys in blue – or green for that matter. For me, the best bit is the actual tour of the bodega. You always seem to take us to such picturesque bodegas run by the nicest people all of whom are able to convey their absolute love of the process and, of course, the final product. I have to say that your extensive knowledge of wine is a great help too especially during the tasting and I’ve learned so much about what to look for when choosing a wine. Thank you for all your bodega trips; I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of them – long may they continue. Ros.

Tasting after the Tour!