Bay Radio’s Sunday Brunch On-Air Wine Tasting!

Presenters Noelle & Bob enjoy the recommended wines- but which will they choose to take home?
Caribbean Grilled Chicken.
Regular listeners and readers of the website will notice that I’m often banging on about the fruit content of the wines I recommend. It’s a crucial part of our enjoyment of wine anyway, but with certain dishes it’s essential.
We need bags of fruit in a wine to accompany this dish as a partner for the orange juice and as a foil for the ginger, soy, honey and pepper. However the parts as a whole also need wines with some body too. 
For our on-air tastings we usually have two wines and here we have a white and a red wine, both of which should do nicely and therefore keep the red wine and white camps happy!
I recently received some wines from a bodega near Málaga, Bodegas Descalzos Viejas, and it’s two of their wines that I’ve chosen for the Caribbean Chicken dish. Their white is a fruity Chardonnay which will blend well with the sweetness of the honey and the orange juice. It’s also had a short time in oak, giving it the body to accompany the chicken and savoury finish to the dish.
Their red 2007 is made from the fruity varieties Syrah and Merlot accompanied by the full-bodied Garnacha. It too has enjoyed a short time in oak and should therefore add value to the recipe.
PS They chose the red!