Bay Radio – Sunday Brunch Wine Recommendations!

Chorizo Chicken & Chickpeas:
As we’ve said before, chicken is very wine friendly and isn’t proud – it is happy to share the table with all colours and most styles of wine. So it’s the highly flavoured chorizo that we have to deal with in this dish. A young red from Navarra, where Garnacha is the predominant variety in the blend, would suit it quite well.

Sunday Brunch Presenters, Noelle and Bob, enjoying the recommended wines!

However, the chilli included in the recipe would emphasise and noticeable tannin, making the wine harsh and therefore detracting from the dish as a whole.

It might be better, therefore, to go for a Rosado – same place and same grape variety or maybe from Rioja where Tempranillo may also be involved. Spain is home to some excellent rosado wines which are often well under 10€ a bottle, so I think that I’d go for this.