Bay Radio’s Sunday Brunch Wine Recommendation!

Chilli Sausage and Sweet Potato

Bay Radio Presenters, Noelle and Bob, enjoy a glass of wine with Noelle's recipe!

There are a number of wines, grape varieties and wine styles that could match this dish I think. Navarra reds might be an answer but I sometimes find them a touch tannic – this would clash with the chilli making the dish doubly hot.

So I’ll consider the match by grape variety rather than area. I think a Syrah based wine or one made with Garnacha will do the trick. Perhaps at crianza level, but preferably a semi-crianza or even a joven (young wine) provided it is rich enough.
There are many areas in Spain where Garnacha is the preferred variety, DO Priorat would be super, though expensive. Syrah is becoming increasingly prevalent too, so there should be plenty of choice.