The impressive portfolio of wines from the Martúe group


During a time of lasting recession here in Spain (when on Earth will it end?!) it’s encouraging to know that there are still businesses that are not just doing well, but expanding too.

I’ve recently received several cases of wine (tough job, huh?) from what I thought was one bodega, but which in fact is the controller of several wineries, in Spain and abroad. More on this group soon!

Also I’ve noticed that other, already large, concerns are expanding their operations by making wine in other areas of Spain as well as in different countries. Indeed I read yesterday that one such huge business is happy with their expansion plans at the moment but is nevertheless seeing how the Chinese market develops with a view to perhaps starting winery there!

And when I wrote to Bodegas Martúe, following an article I’d read in Spain’s best wine magazine, PlanetAVino, asking for a sample of their wines recommended so highly in the magazine I learned that Martúe is also a controlling bodega that in fact operates another bodega in Spain plus one in nearby Portugal.

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