Seems I can be quite useful sometimes!

I have just spent a wonderful time at Blasco tasting a series of reds. It seems to me that each of several stalls dotted around were manned by representatives from a variety of bodegas. All the chaps were delightful and helpful, as you’d expect. In the end, I settled on a Ribero roble from Torres, Celeste, which was a good price and bought 6 bottles. Many thanks for suggesting that I go along  –  it was most enjoyable.
Cheers, Mick

Seems I can be quite useful sometimes!

Hi Colin

Many thanks for the info below. We went along with Hilary and Stewart and had a fab time. We all said it was one of the best tasting we have been to. They had disco music, many tasty snacks and several bars set up for tasting and as you said all for free and all in a great relaxed atmosphere, they even told us to keep the wine glasses afterwards. There were some excellent wines there and we both bought boxes to stock up!


See you next Saturday at the Golf Club!


Best regards

Mike and Cele


Hola – a quick note before lightening hits my computer!

I’ve been invited to a rather fine tasting at Blasco, Teulada, this Friday – runs from about 11 am – through to late.

21 Torres wines, from various different DOs – I’d definitely go  but I’m teaching all day!  However, I asked if ok to invite others, and they were happy for me to do so!

Gratis, I believe!



Sent in  haste!!