IWSC 2015

Day 3 of the Spanish Wine Panel judging at the International Wine & Spirits Competition near Guildford, UK.

We’ll, it’s called the International Wine and Spirits Competition because we receive wines from all over the world. There is judging in the Northern Hemisphere, where I am now; and there is judging in the Southern Hemisphere – where I’d like to be one day!

Plus there is also the IWSC in Hong Kong – again, I’d love to have a crack at that, too!

However, it’s  not just the wines that are international – so are the Judges!

During the three days I’ve been here this week my fellow judges have come from several different countries: South Africa; Hong Kong; Germany; Italy; USA/Canada; Great Britain and probably more – well, me from Spain, for example!

It means that we are able to gain a real understanding of perspectives across the planet, and it makes the judging that much more accurate, when you consider that IWSC medals are proudly displayed on winning wines made and sold all over the Globe. It’s an honour to be a part of it!

Today was a good day, really good. The standard was high, in some cases very high. Plus there were, yet again, a number of Spanish Wine producing areas represented that often are in the shadow of the fame of some of the better known wine zones. And what a delight to see so many of the wines hailing from these lesser known areas achieving the same medal level as will wines from the ‘sexy’ areas in the coming week!

It’s further proof that Spain continues to be in the vanguard of dynamic, innovative quality wine-making!

I’m not allowed, yet, to reveal anything specific about the wines we tasted today. But I can say that the standard was high and that my fellow judges, and that includes a number of Masters of Wine (there are only 301 MWs on the planet!), and I thoroughly enjoyed the wines and the experience!

Last day for me tomorrow, but there are another three days of Spanish Wines in the coming week. Wish I could be there!

More tomorrow.