Heat Gold FM’s Wines of the Month mean discounted wines – for you!

Check out Heat Gold's Wines of the Month - and save money too!
Hola everyone – and a very Happy New year to you all!
I’m now back in the office after our annual UK sojourn and I’m raring to go!
I’ll be organising a number of wine related events throughout 2013 and I do hope you’ll be able to join me!
The first, rather exciting, event, which has money saving advantages for you too, is the On-Air wine tasting that I’ll be presenting with Eric Taylor, on Heat Gold FM on Tuesday 22nd January, at 14:20 hrs – www.heatgold.fm and 94·1.
We’ll be tasting and discussing the Heat Gold FM Wines of the Month, as supplied by Supermercados Pepe La Sal, Moraira. These wines are now available to buy, from the Pepe La Sal store on the Moraira/Calpe Coast Road only, with a 1€ discounted price per bottle – a saving of about 15%!! Hurry though, they’ll only be discounted up and including 22nd Jan!
They are the super, fruit driven new release Bodegas Torres dry white wine from DO Rueda, called Verdeo, whose normal price is 5:45€; and the lovely Torres red from Rioja, Ibéricos Crianza 2009Tempranillo, normally priced at 5:90€!
Al you’ll need to do is mention Heat Gold FM Radio when you go through the tills and although the full price will appear at first on the ticket, you’ll find at the bottom that there will be a discount of 1€ per bottle, taken from the total cost of your shopping!
Obviously the more bottles they sell the more keen they’ll be to continue with the promotion and therefore the more opportunities for us to buy good wines at discounted prices! At under 5€ these wines really are good value!
Plus you’ll also be able to taste them in the luxury of your own home whilst Eric and I do the same in the studio and if you want you can text or skype the studio with your questions and comments! We are talking interactive wine tasting here!!
Skype: Heat Gold Studio; Text: 656 634 000; e-mail: studio@heatgold.fm