Closure of Total FM – a generous comment

Hola Colin:
Sorry to hear of this as I enjoyed listening to your program [The Fine Wine & Gourmet Dine Programme] during my Sunday lunch. Media is always on the lookout for something that has a proven track record so I’m sure it won’t be too long before you’re up and running again.
All the best.
Doug Shaw – part of your international audience

Total FM Closure – a generous comment

Hi Colin,
I was distressed to hear about the demise of Total FM, not least because I shall miss your radio show. I always found it meticulously researched and delivered with professionalism and humour. It was always a thoroughly good listen and I was surprised how much I learned on each occasion.
You managed to invite such distinguished guests and each one appeared to be delighted to be part of your broadcast. I know that your fine wine and dining show was highly regarded in the wine world hence the queue of heads of bodegas wanting to appear with you.
Señor Pepe Mendoza, Bodegas Enrique Mendoza, DOP Alicante
Where will I get my wine ‘fix’ in future? I and many others will miss your show very much. If there’s any chance that it ever be repeated elsewhere, please let me know.
Regards and with thanks for all your past broadcasts, Mick O’Connor