Claire Post, Soprano and Flautist


The next Dolce Divas Concert, sponsored by The Lions Club, will be at La Senieta, Moraira, on Friday 23rd November – and promises to be another sell-out!

Claire Post, Soprano and Flute, and Kirsty Glen, Piano and Vocals, will be performing their own unique blend of Classical Music along with Contemporary Chill Out Music and some favourites from the shows.

Plus there will be guest appearances from: Des McGillicuddy, Acoustic Guitar and Vocals; and Miguel-Ángel Buigues, Trumpet – adding even great variety to an already hugely enjoyable programme!

Further details will be posted here soon – and my advice is to reserve your places asap as La Senieta is expected to be full once again!

Kirsty Glen, Classical Piano and Vocals