Following the Fine Wine & Gourmet Dine Radio Programme 22/10/2017

Hi Col,
Thank you for brightening up Phil’s and my miserable day. Firstly Phil’s team got thrashed by Arsenal 5 – 2, then whilst your were on air, Liverpool were getting done over by Spurs 4 – 1. It couldn’t get any worse, Oh and Tranmere lost yesterday.
Then a knight in shining armour arrived on the laptop to cheer us up. Well done, it was very interesting, and you were very generous in your comments towards us, the Rogers and Phil, and Cheshire Badminton in general. Great memories for us all. All the records we chose were spot on for us – thank you.
I would really like to think that somehow Steve got to know the record we chose for him. Oh and thanks for airing the ” Barney Rubble ” tag.
All for now, and thanks again,
Rog ( or is it Barney ?)