Bay Radio’s Sunday Brunch Wine Recommendations

Steak Diane
Beef is usually happy with most red wines including some deeply flavoured and oaked examples, as long as the wine flavour doesn’t take over the flavour of the meat.

Noelle, or Diane? I'm confused, blimey this wine's good!

However we also have to consider here the influence of the Brandy and Cream as well as the Dijon Mustard. In fact it’s the Dijon that allows us to choose red wines of a slightly tannic nature as this French mustard negates any negative tannin effects.

I think the best match for this dish will be a red wine with some oak ageing made from the ‘bridesmaid’ Bordeaux variety, Cabernet Franc. However I only know of one 100% Cabernet Franc and this is from Noelle’s favourite DO Penedés Bodega, Bodegas Avgvstvs!! (as in the Emperor!).
An alternative, and a mighty good one at that, would be Bodegas Enrique Mendoza’s Cabernet Sauvignon, Santa Rosa.