Excellent On-Air Wine, Olive Oil and Tapas Tasting with Bay Radio!

Presenters Noelle and Bob ready for a super, unique On-Air Tasting!

**Check this out** – Sunday 13th March on Bay Radio (www.bayradio.fm) a superb Wine, Olive Oil and Tapas Tasting live in the Bay Radio Studio! A unique event that will have you gasping to get to the shops the next day to buy the stunning Bodegas Roda, Roda 1 and Roda Rioja Wines and their First Class Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Aubocassa and Dauro!

We’ll be tasting these Spanish Classics with a variety of Top Tapas and you

Join the Party on Bay Radio's Sunday Brunch Unique Wine Tasting with Olive Oil and Tapas!

 can join the party by tuning in to Bay Radio’s Sunday Brunch Programme, Sunday 13th March – Spring in the air, there’s magic everywhere!

Who writes this stuff?!