Part Three

Already I realise that I’ve placed these posts in slightly the wrong order – I knew I should have started writing this blog earlier!

No matter – just to say that it was Peñiscola from whence we made our ‘escape’ through Cataluña into France, not from our overnight stay at Bodega Flors. Quickly to point out, again, that all our travelling has been undertaken abiding by all Covid 19 rules/laws/protocols – it wasn’t an ‘escape’.

On speaking to Dutch, French and Norwegian campers in Peñiscola (a few days after Claire’s amazing busking beneath the iconic castle) we learned that campevans were allowed to cross the Valencia/Cataluña border as long as we didn’t stop overnight, making it into France, with an address to go to once there. Of course, we checked this with the appropriate authorities.

This we arrived in a rather quiet, frankly disappointing St. Cyprien, France at a campsite which we were informed was open over Winter. It was, but that was about it. We recharged our batteries (ours, not Campy’s as she was fine!) for two nights, leaving next for Avignon – Le Pont, of course, plus another wonderful experience, including a fabulous busking session from the lovely Claire!

Avignon has become one of my favourite ever cities! We were camped virtually on the banks of the Rhône, with the iconic bridge and beautiful city but a lengthy angler’s cast away.

As night fell I took this photo of the Papal Palace, the ancient walls etc – really, a wonderfully evocative place (though photographers amongst you will lament the quality of the shot, I know!).

We took several trips into the city on Scoots (yes, sad I know, but that’s our ace Peugot 125i scooter’s name!) visiting the excellent indoor market, viewing the outside (all museums Covid closed, malheureusement!) of the time-aged historical buildings, admiring the wonderful architecture and simply drinking-in the history of the old city. Magnificent!

We were also wondering where Claire might do some singing – by the palace, in front of the market, at one of the gates through the city walls? However, a walk one sunny Saturday from the campsite along the Rhône towards the Pont d’Avignon showed us where it had to be! There were lots of people sitting on grass and tree stumps alongside the river, walking the dog, exercising, chatting, enjoying picnics etc. It was really beautiful, and nicely busy.

Here an inquisitive girl stops her bike-ride to listen to one of Claire’s first songs – soon there was a well socially-distanced crowd gathering! A couple of ladies danced, everybody clapped each song, Claire’s hat almost ranneth over. Another truly moving, wonderful and beautiful event.

To see some of Claire’s video’s (shot by me, so don’t expect Hollywood!) of her singing please click here https://www.facebook.com/clairemarie.soprano.7

Also, you may want to visit this very brief video of the two of us dancing, not sur le pont, but sous le pont (as one old story would have us believe was actually the case, but this time largely because the pont was closed!) – please visit https://www.facebook.com/100009478376720/videos/2916674995325084/, when you have the chance!

So, that concludes Part Three of Our Travels!

All comments very welcome – we hope you enjoyed reading and viewing!

Colin and the lovely Claire!