Majestic Wine UK!

Kate McFruin of Majestic Wine, London with her best customer, R.P. Golding
Hi Col,
Glad to hear and see you are doing so well, the website looks awesome – congratulations!
All is good in sunny London – the wedding season is just kicking in for the wine trade!!  Hopefully it will be a hot busy summer!
Having known you for over a decade I’m truly delighted to see such a great website go live! 
After six years in the profession, Col Harkness has to be one of the most experienced and genuine experts I have ever met in the Spanish wine trade.  His passion is unsurpassed and his knowledge incredibly inspiring.  The vinous world is a better place thanks to Col’s dedication, commitment and true love of good vino. 
Good luck with all your future ventures Col!
Kate McFruin
Manager, Majestic Wine London