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This sounds a super, balanced menu – but it’s a challenge for wines! Mushrooms often go well with red wines, full-bodied ones at that. However there is an integral creaminess to this starter so we need to tone down the full-on red and yet retain some of the character. Rosado is my choice, particularly Bestué 2009 from DO Somontano. This wine, made from Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon is dark in colour, fruity but with a nice lick of acidity to cut through the cream – should be ideal.
Bay Radio's Dynamic Duo, Noelle & Bob, enjoy wines recommended to complement Noelle's Sunday Brunch Recipes!


Chicken is very wine-friendly and there are many styles and colours of wine that will suit this popular poultry. Here we have a slight Oriental or South East Asian influence with the addition of sweet chilli sauce and there is a super grape variety to match all the flavours going on in this dish – Gewurztraminer!
It’s a mouthful to say but worth it as it makes a wonderful, exotically flavoured, aromatic white wine which really should be on all Chinese/Thai/Indonesian/Vietnamese restaurants’ wine lists! The one I’m thinking of is Bodegas Viñas de Vero’s Gewurztraminer 2009, again from DO Somontano. Considered a German grape variety it’s name means spicy grape – ideal with this sort of cuisine.
Both wines are widely available – why not buy them both and enjoy Noelle’s recipes even more?

Bay Radio Wine Recommendation

There is a host of red wines that will nicely fit the bill here! Cheese is very red wine friendly and of course barbequed beef burgers will be ideal with some big and beefy reds. Look for a crianza or a reserva Monastrell, the time spent in oak will blend perfectly with fresh-off-the-BBQ flavours and its forward fruit will perfectly complement the burger’s juicy tastes! Or go for an oaked wine with a high proportion of Syrah/Shiraz in the blend, this will have similar flavours to the above, but with a touch of spice too!

Sunday Brunch presenters Noelle & Bob enjoy the recommended wine!

Bay Radio’s Sunday Brunch Wine

Prsenters Noelle & Bob try a wine to accompany their Sunday Brunch Recipe


Chorizo goes so well with rosado that I’d be tempted to recommend a good pink wine here, and certainly chicken accommodates rosado wines very nicely. However it’s the mixed herbs, topped ultimately by Thyme that makes me go, instead, for an unoaked red.
Garnacha, particularly when grown at high altitudes, can have lovely herby notes to accompany the damson fruit. Navarra would be my first port of call and I’d go for a Garnacha that is unoaked but about two years old when any excess youthful fruitiness will have mellowed.