PART EIGHT Subtitle – Onwards and Upwards! Err, well actually, downwards! Not at all in quality, excitement and adventure of course, just geographically – we move further south for Part Eight of my blog, and once again I’d like to take you with us! There are so many places to visit in Italy, I’m sure more »
    PART SEVEN We’d always wanted to try further south in Italy, we’d heard quite a lot about it but never visited much further south than Rome. Hmm, Rome – now there was an idea! We’ve been before, of course – once on one of our three honeymoons, this, in fact before we were married, but more »
    PART SIX Follow that, you may well say again after Part Five below – however, in a way, this time we didn’t – at first, at least! We had it in mind to go from Domaine Dalmeran to Frejús, nearer to the Italian border to wait for as long as necessary for us to be more »
    PART FIVE After Part Four of this blog (please see below) you may well have said – well, follow that! We said it also, and were amazed to find that, in fact, we did – and some! When we awoke in Campy in the village car park of Chateauneuf-du-Pape after our morning visit with Neil, more »
    PART FOUR Social Media plays a part in the lives of most people these days, I guess. This can be a very beneficial phenomenon as well, unfortunately, as a rather unpleasant thing. Also, some of those who use Social Media can become rather obsessed with it. Quite rightly, when I’m in danger of fitting into more »

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  1. Found it fascinating and though neither Brian nor I have–thank God–experienced replacements—a friend of mine–Serena– we were in the WRNS together had 2 knee and 2 hip replacements in 3 years at the wonderful St. John and St Elizabeth hospital in St. John,s Wood London and like you is stoic !!!! but unlike you, is female, so more Resistant to pain but has no prostate cancer !!! She likewise persisted well with physio.

    Well done you—crafty to have married your lovely lady before—take care both of you and enjoy life as always

    Brian and Sally Ann

  2. Many thanks for your comments and well wishes, Brian & Sally, which I’ve only just seen – hence the delay in replying. I hope you enjoy you summer wine travels! Saludos, Colin

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