Bay Radio’s Sunday Brunch Wine Recommendation!

Presenters Noelle and Bob enjoying the fruits of their labours!

White Fish and Smoked Bacon
I made a similar dish myself over the summer, though I certainly wouldn’t dream of bragging about my culinary skills (largely as I don’t possess any!). However the wine match was a success.
I love the contrasting flavours of fish and bacon and the fact that each benefits from the other. You perhaps know that the very best aroma in the world is your neighbour’s bacon frying away on the campsite – when you haven’t got any!
Fish we would generally partner with white wine, meat, well in general most would be happy with red – so what here? A rosado as a compromise? We could but there’s a better match. For me smoke means oak – i.e. any smoked food, which I love (in this case the bacon) is very happy to accompany an oaked wine. And, since this is a fish dish let’s look for an oaked white wine.
I’d look no further than and Chardonnay – it’s a super match!

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