Duck à l’Orange:
Although French sounding this is more of an English way of serving Duck. Succulent duck breasts with a rich, quite sweet orange sauce – super. But, not so easy to pair with wine as the savoury nature of the fowl is changed somewhat by the sweetness of the honey and sugar as well as that of the fresh orange juice, which also has a touch of acidity too!

Oops, an empty glass - this will never do on Bay Radio's On-Air Wine Tasting!

A white wine will be best with this I think. However red wine lovers may like to try a red wine made by the carbonic maceration method, as is Beaujolais (which would be a good match, were we in France). So look for a Tempranillo or Monastrell grape variety made by this method (it will be written on the label).

A better match, I think, will be a white wine with some residual sugar – so an off-dry wine will be lovely. Torres does such a wine, but from the Valencia region you might like to look for a ‘dry’ Moscatel – these wines do have some sweetness but nothing like the full-on sweetness of the dessert wines made from the same grape.
An alternative would be to use a dry wine made with Moscatel but with another variety in the blend too – perhaps Chardonnay, or Sauvignon.

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