Bay Radio’s Sunday Brunch Programme

Presenter Noelle and I enjoying a recommended wine!

Green Asparagus with Ham

Unless it’s smoked, which lends a far stronger flavour, ham can be happy with white wine and with red, though red would be the best pairing. However, with this dish I think the more dominant flavour will be the delicious green asparagus which for me is so much better than white asparagus.

This means we’ll have to think white rather than red. Sauvignon Blanc is sometimes described as having some asparagus flavours and aromas so it’s an obvious partner. There are some super Sauvignon wines in Spain now. DO Rueda would be a first port of call and here you could also choose Verdejo, or perhaps the best match would be a Sauvignon/Verdejo blend.

A judiciously oaked Chardonnay would also do the trick and may be particularly good with the cheese sauce, try one from Somontano or Penedés.


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