Bay Radio Sunday Brunch

Although it may seem a little incongruous to picture a leather-clad, rufty-tufty biker sitting astride his huge hog, clutching in his steel-studded glove a bottle of fine claret, I nevertheless wouldn’t flinch at recommending a Cabernet Sauvignon for this tasty pasty, even if I was on a Vespa whose multiple mirrors revealed that I was surrounded by a gang of such knights of the road!

Bay Radio's Sunday Brunch Presenters, Noelle and Bob - glasses in hand!

Cabernet Sauvignon often stimulates tasting notes of black pepper and of course beef, partnered by this super, dark, brooding, blackcurrant nosed wine, is a marriage made in heaven (or indeed around the campfire with the ceremony performed by a levi-clad ‘angel’!).
As the proud ex-owner of a BSA 250cc C15, I’d certainly enjoy this combination!

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