Croquetas de Jamon:
There are possibilities here – a rosado would be good, and as this is the land of super rosé wines there are plenty to choose from.
However I think the best match would be a fruity Monastrell from Jumilla or Yecla. Some oak ageing wouldn’t go amiss but I think a crianza with it’s minimum of 6 months oak would be the limit, lest we lose the upfront fruit.
So I think the ideal would be a Semi-Crianza or Roble Monastrell. Such terms are not legally defined. Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva are, with minimum time in oak and bottle specified. Semi-Crianza is perhaps self-explanatory, as it indicates that there has been oak ageing but not enough to satisfy the criteria for a Crianza.
Roble, essentially means the same – Roble is the Spanish word for Oak. Sometimes the number of months in oak will be recorded on the label, sometimes not. 
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