Ham and Leek Cannelloni:
Leeks like a touch of sweetness when bedding down (don’t we all?!) with a wine. Red wines will seem too tannic, so it should be a white wine – provided that we can find one that likes (and vice versa) the thinly sliced ham.
Well hey, I’ve not just got one, but two super white wines that will match this dish rather well! First, but only alphabetically as I wouldn’t like to place one above the other, you could go for Bodegas Parcent’s ‘Auro’. It’s a 50/50 blend of Chardonnay and Moscatel and has some residual sweetness in amongst the tropical fruit aromas.
Or you could pair this dish with Bodegas Vicente Gandía’s ‘Miracle’ which also has 50% Chardonnay in the blend but this time co-habiting with Sauvignon Blanc. Again there is a touch of sweetness, perhaps a little less so that the above, but I’m sure this, too, will be a winner!

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