Bay Radio's Presenter, Noelle, enjoys a wine with her recipe of the week!

“This eclectic chicken dish has both savoury and sweet fruit elements which opens the door to both a white and a red wine. ‘Balsámico’ is a Spanish word used to describe aromas emanating from a wine that has been aged in oak in a hot area (Balsamic vinegar has of course undergone a similar ageing). However there’s nothing vinegar-like in the two wines I’ve chosen this week!
The red has to have a good fruit presence so I’ve gone for a very young wine from DO Toro, Primero 2009, which has been made by the Carbonic Maceration method which accentuates the youth and vitality as well as the fruit content.
My white wine choice is a super wine I’ve just discovered – Recato, a Sauvignon Blanc fermented in barrel with understated oak (too much oak would be a negative for this dish) and good grassy green fruit aromas.

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